Amazon Prime members get a massage chair for $499.99 and $899.99, Amazon says

Amazon Prime members get a massage chair for $499.99 and $899.99, Amazon says

Amazon Prime customers can get a new massage chair, Amazon announced Wednesday.

The new chair is available for $249.99 in the U.S. and $299.99 worldwide, and comes in a variety of colors.

Amazon says the chair will help Amazon Prime Members relax, so they can focus on their work, and is also “the perfect gift for any Amazon Prime Member.”

“If you love the outdoors and nature, this new Amazon Prime Chair is the perfect companion,” the Amazon page says.

The chair comes in the colors of pink, purple, blue, green, and purple, and the price is $399.99.

It’s also available in Japan for $299, while in the UK, the Amazon Prime Edition is $299 and the Amazon Deluxe is $449.99 (the latter is a digital version).

The Amazon Prime membership comes with the ability to receive free shipping and delivery.

Prime members who already have Amazon Prime will be able to purchase the new chair for a discounted price of $399, while those who don’t will have to pay the full price of the chair, $899, to have it delivered.

The Amazon chair comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which will give you suggestions based on your personal preferences, Amazon said.

You can also ask the Alexa assistant to help you choose a movie, an album, a book, or a new dish, Amazon told TechCrunch.

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