How to get the best massage from a female doctor

How to get the best massage from a female doctor

Dr. Anushka Bajpai and Dr. Gopal Varma in the Kolkata medical college.

Dr. Anubhav K. Khetan in the office of a general practitioner.

Dr Aravind Jha, an orthopaedic surgeon and former resident professor at the University of Kerala.

Dr Pradeep Singh, a cardiologist and former director of the National Institute of Medical Education and Research (NIMED) in Kerala.

In this picture taken on February 22, 2017, a woman uses a hand-held device in a public clinic in Chennai, India.

(Photo: AP Photo/Danish Siddiqui)Dr. Gokul Singh, who has been treating patients in Chennai for 15 years, has been practicing for 20 years and was one of the first doctors to use massage.

He said it helps to get rid of some of the psychological issues that people suffer with and the lack of physical exercise in general.

He used to perform 20-30 minutes of massage each day for 10-15 minutes.

“We can do 10 minutes of one massage at a time and we can do 20-25 minutes at a go,” he said.

He is also a member of a national team of doctors and is a member-in-charge of the Kerala National Medical Association (KNMA).

“There are some women doctors who can do the same,” he added.

Dr Anushkam Bajpal, a general surgeon, said that the treatment can also help to control diabetes.

“I can massage the muscles and tendons of the knees, hip and ankle joints, too,” she said.

Dr Bajpals group performs spinal fusion surgery in Mumbai.

Dr Vijayesh Raj, a neurosurgeon, said women are generally good at controlling blood pressure and heart rates.

“Women have an easier time than men at controlling high blood pressure,” he noted.

Dr Bajpur, a GP in Kolkatta, said, “The massage helps to release the tension and helps in the release of the blood from the blood vessels.

It also helps in easing pain and fatigue.”

Dr Vijayakar Prakash, a neurologist and an expert in neuro-oncology, said female doctors are often referred for surgeries.

“They can take on all kinds of complications such as nerve damage, strokes, tumors, etc. Women are also good at diagnosing and treating such conditions.

The only difference is that the patient is treated by a female physician,” he pointed out.

Dr Vijayan Ramakrishnan, a psychiatrist, said the best thing about a massage is that it makes the patient feel better.

“There is a psychological effect of massage as well.

I have seen it when patients get pain relief and feel better after doing it,” he explained.

He added, “It can be beneficial for the patients too.”

Dr Khatunthi Gopalan, a social worker and a professor at University of Malappuram, said there are some benefits from massage to women too.

“The most important thing is that a massage can ease tension and relax the mind.

There is also some mental benefit to women,” she pointed out, adding, “We need to ensure that there is proper training and education for female doctors.

The government should ensure that women doctors are allowed to practise.

If there are complaints against a woman doctor, it should be investigated thoroughly and the woman should be punished.”

Dr Gopal Singh, director of NIMED, said if there is a shortage of female doctors, then it should not be considered a major problem.

“But we have enough female doctors in the country and we need to work on ensuring that we have more female doctors,” he remarked.

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