Massage therapist wand Massager San Francisco is offering to ‘fix’ ‘stolen’ vibrators

Massage therapist wand Massager San Francisco is offering to ‘fix’ ‘stolen’ vibrators

SF, CA—Wand Massager SF is offering a massager for $99.99 that promises to fix a “stolen” vibrator, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The company is offering the “massage-sized” vibrators at all of its locations in San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, San Francisco’s Mission District, and parts of Berkeley.

Users of the “Wand Wand” will receive an email confirmation with instructions to take home the device.

The massager will come in a variety of colors, but the company says it will be “white, red, black, yellow, blue, green, purple, purple and green”.

Users will need to bring their own charger, the company said, and it will not be “sold in stores.”

The company has also announced plans to add a vibrator-size “Wander Wand” that it says is “designed to be used with the same range of vibration settings as the Wand Wand Massager, and also with the ability to use a different vibration frequency.”

Users will also receive a special “Warden” wristband that will offer “unlimited vibration-enabled fun, a one-time-use gift card, and a free gift card” to anyone who purchases it.

The Wand Massagers, which were sold online and at several other retailers, are sold separately for $79.99, $99 and $129.99.

Customers who purchase the Massagers through Wand Massage SF will also get a “Wendler Wand” with a “multi-function controller” that can be used to vibrate a range of objects, the spokesman said.

Users can also get “WAND WAND” wristbands for $39.99 or $59.99 for those who prefer a “personal touch” and “touch and go” option, he said.

The products have been around since last year, when the San Francisco-based company announced it would be bringing the Wand Massages to stores.

Wand Massaging SF is the third massager company to announce it will add vibrator features to the products.

Earlier this month, Massage Therapy San Francisco said it was adding “wand vibration,” as well as a “wander wand,” that is designed to vibrates a range from 1 to 50 meters.

The new vibrators will not come with a battery, but users can also choose a battery for a rechargeable version of the massager.

“Wands and Wand Massagaters are a popular and unique form of massaging and personal massage,” said the company’s chief executive officer, Jason Leach.

“These massagers are designed for personal touch and feel, which is what we are most focused on.

Wand Wands and Massagations are perfect for couples or couples that want to massage or massage with a variety a different variety of vibrators.”

The massagers will be available for sale at the company starting Friday, October 3, at all Wand Massogate SF locations in the Bay Area, including its San Francisco location and in Berkeley.

The first massagers were made in 2014 and sold out quickly, Leach said.

“We know the massagers can be very popular and that people really want to use these massagers, so we have a lot of people coming in for the first massager,” he said, adding that they are also getting a lot more requests for the massaging products.

“And, of course, it is always great when people come in for our products and see they are making a difference in their lives.

We think we can help people to achieve the same results.”

Massage Massagers and other massagers sold through the company are not covered by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s health and safety guidelines, but Leach hopes that the massages will help people manage stress and anxiety, especially if they are in the military or active duty.

“People are coming in asking, ‘I have a problem with my anxiety or I need a massage,'” he said in an interview with GeekWire.

“There is so much more than a massaging pad on the market.

There is so many other things that people need.

So, we are really hoping that these massages are going to be helpful for people to do their best for themselves and their relationships and their health.”

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