New ‘Massage Girl’ Gets Sexy Massage in Las Vegas

New ‘Massage Girl’ Gets Sexy Massage in Las Vegas

A new video has surfaced of a “massage girls” in Las Vegas performing the ‘Wicked Massage’ and then making some sexy facial expressions.

The video, posted on Facebook, shows a man and woman sitting in a booth while the woman in the video takes a selfie with the man.

The man then bends down and rubs his hands on the woman’s back and chest, while the video ends with a man massaging the woman on the neck and chest.

The woman then smiles, shakes her head and then continues to smile.

“Massage girl” is a term used by massage therapists to describe women who have performed massages without having any prior experience in the massage industry.

“I don’t think this is something that we would want to do, but we wanted to do it because it was so hot,” massage therapist Janae Davis said.

She said the video was shot last month in Las Venegas.

The massage girl was filmed by a woman who is known for her work in Las, and who is not named in the Facebook video.

She said the woman filmed the video at a massage parlor.

“It was so fun,” the woman said.

The YouTube video has been viewed over 2 million times.

The owner of the massage parlors told ABC News she has not heard of anyone being arrested in connection with the video.

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