Oak Haven massage videos reveal the truth about sex with dogs

Oak Haven massage videos reveal the truth about sex with dogs

YouTube has deleted the Oak Haven videos of two massage therapists who said they were paid to massage dogs.

A lawyer for the owners, including the woman in the Oak Haus videos, said she has filed a defamation suit against the company and its owner.

The videos were removed by YouTube, but are now available to view on the site’s search bar.

In the videos, a man named John Taylor tells a woman in a black bikini who looks like he’s in her late 20s that he’s going to massage her vagina.

Taylor says he will massage her vulva, and then say, “I’m going to use my big hand and rub my cock against your pussy, just a little bit, and you’ll feel a nice sensation.

You can feel it.”

He says he’ll massage her inner thighs.

He then says, “Now, my cock will feel like it’s in your vagina, and it will be very hard and firm.”

He adds, “Just relax, you know, just relax, and I’ll use my thumb to rub against your clit, you’ll just feel a warm feeling.”

He also says he’s not going to penetrate her vagina, but he’s “going to have to, and this is the way it’s going.”

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said Taylor told her she’d be paid to do the job.

The video was removed from YouTube.

Taylor told the Guardian he is still the owner of the Oakhaus, and that he does not know the woman who made the videos.

He said he does remember the woman, and said he was embarrassed by what she said.

“I am not the owner, I do not know her, I am not in the position to know her,” he said.

Taylor said he believed his videos would have been deleted.

“What I am saying is, what’s important is to say, ‘I’m sorry for what I did, and for what you did, to let it go.

It was a very bad thing,'” Taylor said.

In a statement, YouTube said it “strongly condemns the actions depicted in the videos.”

“The videos are not intended to be an accurate portrayal of the practice of massage therapy,” the statement said.

The company said the videos are “a testament to the passion and commitment of the men and women who work in this industry.”

In a video on YouTube, the woman can be heard asking Taylor to massage his hands and the tips of his fingers.

Taylor, who was not identified in the video, then asks, “Why do you massage?”

The woman responds, “Because I want to feel like I can feel something, and my pussy feels good.

I want you to feel good.

And I want that feeling to go into my pussy.”

“You can feel that warmth.”

Taylor replies, “Oh my God, that’s good, okay, then I’m going down to the balls, I’m just going to do it again.”

Taylor then says: “I want you so good that I’ll put a finger inside your vagina.

I’m not going anywhere, okay?”

The video ends with Taylor saying, “That’s my first time, okay.”

Taylor, a former Army reservist, said in an interview with The Guardian that he “wouldn’t go anywhere near my wife.”

“I was just a regular guy.

I didn’t do anything wrong, and now, I’ve got a lot of people who are saying I’m a disgrace and a thief, and a liar,” Taylor said, adding that he had to leave the Army after a series of problems, including a DUI, which he had been diagnosed with.

He had been on leave from his job as a massage therapist for the Army for about three years.

The Army says it takes the abuse of its employees very seriously, and says it will investigate the matter.

In addition to Taylor, the videos were posted online by a former massage therapist, who also did not want to be identified, and by two other women who worked at the Oakhaven massage.

In both cases, Taylor said the women were paid by a private company.

Taylor also said the massage therapy videos were edited.

In one video, he says he is “just going to let my hand move down, but I’m very gentle, because it’s not my job, it’s my clients, it’ll feel good, and they’re just going through this.”

Taylor said in the other video that he did not know what a massage is when he first heard about it, and he had never worked with clients.

“The way I think of it is, the way a human being is supposed to be, when they first hear about a massage, they’re going to go, ‘Oh my god, that feels good.’

And then it’s like, ‘OK, let’s do it,'” he said, noting that some massage therapists would say that the client’s first impression of the experience was “that

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