‘Shiatsu’ massage chair gets $1.8 million sale

‘Shiatsu’ massage chair gets $1.8 million sale

Sports massage therapist Ali Khedery has been offered a $1 million (£812,000) bonus to persuade a customer to buy a chair that is so popular that the company sells it for as much as $1,8 million (£1.4 million).

Mr Khederie, who has sold chairs at hotels and nightclubs, said he was thrilled when he was contacted by an unnamed buyer in December for his chair.

The chair, which has been on sale since last year for $1m (£770,000), is the latest item in a long line of luxury chairs that have become a staple of modern-day nightclubs.

Mr Khetery said the chair, with its high-end feel, had been a major selling point for customers.

“When you sit in it, you feel as though you are at a hotel, not at the beach,” he said.

“When people get in there, they feel like they are at home, they are comfortable.”

“It’s like a spa.”

The chair’s popularity has seen its price rise from $1 to as much a $2,000 per month.

The chair is sold for $800 (£600) and has sold for more than 10 million in the US alone.

In Australia, it is the most popular chair in the state of Queensland, with a listing price of $1.,000 per head.

It has sold in a number of US states, with buyers paying as much $1million (£749,000).

Its popularity has led to a number companies including Ikea, which recently announced it was making the chair available in Australia.

According to Mr Khetey, the chair is one of his best sellers.

“It is the best thing to have in a room,” he told news.com,au.

“There is nothing better than a chair in your home.”

Mr Kheery said his goal was to encourage customers to buy the chair.

He said the customer’s first impression would be “how comfortable it is, and then how much they can spend on it”.

“I think that is a big part of why the chair has been so popular,” he added.

More to come.

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