The Best Asian Massage Parlor Videos from the 2018 Summer Vacation

The Best Asian Massage Parlor Videos from the 2018 Summer Vacation

We’re getting a little late to this party this year.

I’ll admit that this was a big one, and a big time one at that.

I’m going to make an exception for the last two or three years, when the Summer Vacations were all about Asian-American escorts and masseuses, and not just massage parlors and hot girls.

But as a general rule, I think there are some good ones out there.

Let’s just hope we don’t forget to get our fix in the near future.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Bali Spa in Bali, Indonesia 2.

Bangkok Spa in Bangkok, Thailand 3.

Naturist Spa in Amsterdam, Netherlands 4.

Spa Natura in Madrid, Spain 5.

The Bali Massage in Balyas Beach, Indonesia 6.

Balsam Spa in Sumbawa, Indonesia 7.

Bangkok Massage Bali in Bangkok 7.

Spa Gunga in Banias Beach 8.

Spa La Naturale in Bijapur, India 9.

Spa Medica in Bishkek, Uzbekistan 10.

Massage Salon Bangkok in Bangkok 10.

Spa Sinthe in Bangkok 11.

Massagetel in Barcelona, Spain 12.

Massages in La Palma, Spain 13.

Spa Amal in Brescia, Italy 14.

Spa Krakow, Poland 15.

Spa Bali on Bali 16.

Spa Hulawesi in Indonesia 17.

Spa Spa Lido in Banda Aceh, Indonesia 18.

Spa Toulouse, France 19.

Spa Arakan, Malaysia 20.

Spa Paris in Paris, France 21.

Spa Riga, Latvia 22.

Spa Largo in Baja California, Mexico 23.

Spa Las Vegas, USA 24.

Spa Tokyo, Japan 25.

Spa New York, USA 26.

Spa London, UK 27.

Spa Los Angeles, USA 28.

Spa Dubai, UAE 29.

Spa Vienna, Austria 30.

Spa Seoul, South Korea 31.

Spa Moscow, Russia 32.

Spa Zurich, Switzerland 33.

Spa Copenhagen, Denmark 34.

Spa San Francisco, USA 35.

Spa Buenos Aires, Argentina 36.

Spa Santiago, Chile 37.

Spa Budapest, Hungary 38.

Spa Milan, Italy 39.

Spa Madrid, Spanish capital city 40.

Spa Lisbon, Portugal 41.

Spa Cologne, Germany 42.

Spa Barcelona, Spanish city, Spain 43.

Spa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 44.

Spa Sao Paulo, Brazil 45.

Spa Antwerp, Belgium 46.

Spa Athens, Greece 47.

Spa Munich, Germany 48.

Spa Warsaw, Poland 49.

Spa Tel Aviv, Israel 50.

Spa Singapore, Singapore 51.

Spa Oslo, Norway 52.

Spa Beijing, China 53.

Spa Mumbai, India 54.

Spa Osaka, Japan 55.

Spa Auckland, New Zealand 56.

Spa Melbourne, Australia 57.

Spa Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 58.

Spa Bangkok, Thai capital city 59.

Spa Hong Kong, Malaysia 60.

Spa Taipei, Taiwan 61.

Spa Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 62.

Spa Adelaide, Australia 63.

Spa Rome, Italy 64.

Spa Hamburg, Germany 65.

Spa Berlin, Germany 66.

Spa Birmingham, England 67.

Spa Helsinki, Finland 68.

Spa Amsterdam, Holland 69.

Spa Edinburgh, Scotland 70.

Spa Glasgow, Scotland 71.

Spa Parma, Italy 72.

Spa Prague, Czech Republic 73.

Spa Marseille, France 74.

Spa Brussels, Belgium 75.

Spa Bucharest, Romania 76.

Spa Canton, Ohio, USA 77.

Spa Cape Town, South Africa 78.

Spa Casablanca, Morocco 79.

Spa Chicago, Illinois, USA 80.

Spa Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 81.

Spa Detroit, Michigan, USA 82.

Spa Des Moines, Iowa, USA 83.

Spa Dubrovnik, Croatia 84.

Spa Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 85.

Spa Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 86.

Spa Grand Rapids, Michigan to Montreal, Canada 87.

Spa Houston, Texas, USA 88.

Spa Jakarta, Indonesia 89.

Spa Johannesburg, South African city, South America 90.

Spa Kampala, Uganda 91.

Spa Kyoto, Japan 92.

Spa Lagos, Nigeria 93.

Spa Manila, Philippines 94.

Spa Malmö, Sweden 95.

Spa Mexico City, Mexico 96.

Spa Monaco, Monaco 97.

Spa Nagoya, Japan 98.

Spa Naples, Italy 99.

Spa Montreal, Quebec, Canada 100.

Spa Montevideo, Uruguay 101.

Spa Portland, Oregon, USA 102.

Spa Saint Louis, Missouri, USA 103.

Spa Santa Ana, California, USA 104.

Spa Stockholm, Sweden 105.

Spa St Petersburg, Russia 106.

Spa Shanghai, China 107.

Spa Tirana, Albania 108.

Spa Tehran, Iran 109.

Spa Turin, Italy 110.

Spa Venice, Italy 111.

Spa Toronto, Ontario, Canada 112.

Spa Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 113

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