The real reason women don’t use massage guns

The real reason women don’t use massage guns

The true reason women use massage weapons isn’t because they’re embarrassed.

It’s because they know they can’t protect themselves, experts say.

That’s because massage guns aren’t very accurate.

In fact, it’s doubtful the women who use them are even aware of the fact.

It wasn’t until researchers at the University of Utah looked into massage gun safety and safety protocols that they found out the truth.

They found that women who were practicing massage therapy were about 60 percent less likely to get injured or killed by the weapons than the general population.

That means the more they practice, the less likely they are to die.

While there’s no scientific proof to prove that the women in the study were lying, the research suggests that even though the guns are not designed to penetrate the skin, they can cause serious injury and death if not properly used.

“We have a lot of research to back up that, and we know from experience that people have actually gotten hurt when they were practicing this sort of skill,” said Dr. Rebecca Siegel, a clinical professor of trauma medicine and emergency medicine at UT and co-author of a recent report in the journal Trauma.

“So, the idea that women should be using these devices to protect themselves and their partners is not only problematic, it can be dangerous and can cause injury.”

Dr. Siegel told Newsweek the issue isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

It’s about training, knowledge and how to use them safely.

“In some situations, it may be that the skill itself may be safe, and in other situations, using it may not be safe,” she said.

The women who used the devices in the Utah study were likely just practicing for a little while, she added.

The Utah study, funded by the National Institute of Justice and the National Institutes of Health, examined data from 2,527 massage therapists and health care professionals who worked in Utah, Arizona, Florida, Texas and North Carolina.

It found that of the people who practiced massage therapy, 92 percent were women, and nearly two-thirds were white.

Of those, 73 percent had completed a massage therapy certification.

They made up nearly 70 percent of the massage therapists surveyed.

There were also significant differences between the genders.

Among those who practiced manual therapy, about 70 percent were white, while about a third were women.

About 12 percent of massage therapists practiced manual massage therapy and only about 2 percent practiced manual stimulation.

Dr. Michael W. Miller, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Yale University School of Medicine and a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School, said he believes that massage guns can cause harm if they’re not properly trained and practiced.

“These women have never done it properly, they’ve never been trained properly, and they don’t have a very good understanding of how to safely use them,” he said.

“It’s not like there’s a lot that they can do, but they do have the capacity to do a very small amount of harm.”

Dr Miller believes that a large percentage of massage therapy practitioners are inexperienced, which is why the majority of the data he examined was from men.

He also believes the vast majority of massage therapist deaths and injuries are caused by the guns.

“When you take into account that we know that most of the deaths and serious injuries are due to the guns, and it’s a very high risk behavior, that it’s not even something that is thought of in the general public, it seems to be a problem,” he added.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the majority, or nearly all, of massage-related deaths are the result of the use of the devices.

According to the CDC, only one in five Americans has tried a massage gun, but more than 30 percent of those have been in the U.S.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says there are about 2.5 million massage therapists nationwide.

The majority of them are licensed, but a few of them can be unlicensed, which means they’re unregulated.

The National Association of Personal Therapists (NAPT) also estimates there are more than 400,000 licensed massage therapists in the United States.NAPM, the trade group for the massage industry, says there is no evidence that the safety of the firearms used in massage therapy is in question.

In its 2016 report, NAPM wrote that the guns could be used for any purpose, and that they were a safer option for individuals who want to practice their own massage therapy.

“The safest and most effective way to use a massage weapon is to learn the safe and effective way of using it,” the group wrote.

But the NAPT warns that there’s still a lot more work to be done before people can fully trust the safety claims of massage guns.

And because the firearms have been around for so long, there’s always going to be people who will misuse them.

“There’s always people who are going to

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