Trump’s ‘Las Vegas Massage’ video, starring a sex worker, gets 6 million views

Trump’s ‘Las Vegas Massage’ video, starring a sex worker, gets 6 million views

NEW YORK — A video showing a sex workers masseur offering to show her genitals to a male customer, who then uses the money he makes to buy a massager to “give” her a massage, has gone viral.

The video, posted on the website Daily Beast, shows the woman’s massage room.

The man, who appears to be a male escort, then asks the masseur for her name.

The masseur, who says he is the manager of the masseuse’s massage business, then tells the man that she will be offering him a massage if he wants one.

The video ends with the man leaving the room and turning on the video camera, according to the Daily Beast.

A source familiar with the video told the Associated Press that it was shot on March 1 and uploaded on March 2.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous told the AP that the video was uploaded on Facebook, which is also owned by The Daily Beast Media Group, which owns BuzzFeed and other news sites.

The Daily Show has previously apologized for its controversial content.

In a statement, The Daily Star said the video “does not reflect the views or policies of The Daily News, and The Daily Mail will not be covering it.”

The Daily Beast has not responded to requests for comment.

BuzzFeed has said it will not pay for the video, saying the “misogynistic” content is “not the company’s intent.”

The Daily Post also said it has no interest in funding the video.

A BuzzFeed spokesperson said in a statement that it would not be responsible for any content that was not made available to BuzzFeed users.

“We are confident that the company has made the appropriate changes to its business practices to address the issues raised in this video,” the statement said.

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