Woman says ‘massage therapist’ at massage therapy facility discriminated against her for being transgender

Woman says ‘massage therapist’ at massage therapy facility discriminated against her for being transgender

A woman who was told to stop calling herself a massage therapist at a massage parlor in the Washington, D.C., area says she’s been discriminated against because of her gender identity.

In a letter to the D.E.C. Council on Human Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union of D.N.

C wrote that it’s now suing the Parlor Spa for “a pattern of discrimination based on gender identity, which is prohibited under the ADA.”

In July, a D.F.C.-licensed massage therapist was fired after she allegedly told a client, “I can’t touch you because you’re transgender,” according to a statement from the DDC.

In the letter, the ACLU said that the Darden Spa, a company licensed in Maryland, was told in November 2016 that it would be “unable to provide service to any client for a period of time due to a non-disclosure agreement with the client,” because of a policy prohibiting employees from using their official title to refer to others in the work environment.

“In this case, this non-compliance resulted in the termination of the individual’s employment, and the employer is not required to provide the individual with the necessary documentation or training necessary to demonstrate compliance with this noncompliant policy,” the letter states.

“The individual’s name, photograph, and other personal identifying information were not disclosed to her employer, who did not have to disclose her identity, nor was her name and photograph made available to her supervisors or HR, who were not required by law to disclose this information,” the ACLU wrote.

The company’s response to the ACLU’s letter stated that the individual had signed a nondisclosure document that “provided a legal basis for her dismissal.”

In the complaint filed with the DMDHRC, the woman claims that she had to wait at least three months to receive her medical records from the spa because her employer was not willing to provide them, according to the letter.

She also said she was forced to leave the spa in order to receive the documents from her former employer, the company stated in a statement to NBC News.

“We will vigorously defend ourselves against this claim,” the statement said.

“We are confident that this complaint will be resolved through an expedited legal process.”

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